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Choral Music Posters (A3)

Choral Music Posters (A3)

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A3-sized versions of our popular niche posters, shipped directly from us.

Periodic Table of the Canticles

  • Divided into Canticles based on Tones, Fauxbourdon, those which are numbered (Byrd Second, etc), those with Dedications (Coll Reg, etc), and Howells, because he gets his own section.
  • Each symbol has composer or canticle specific detail

Canticles tube map

  • Each line on the tube is a note on the scale, or (as with the Periodic Table) a set of canticles that are numbered, dedicated, Fauxbourdon, or misc)
  • Composer Stations are intersections where composers have written Canticles in multiple keys 
  • For instance, the Stanford Station is accessible by the G, B (flat), C, and A lines 
  • Each note includes the flat, sharp, major or minor iterations. For instance, the "E line" (maroon, shown here) includes Canticles in E minor as well.

Anthem stamp album

A fun collection of favourite choral animals, rendered graphically as a stamp design. Each stamp includes:

  • the composer's year of birth as the "price" (without the century; thus Finzi, who was born in 1901, is 1p) 
  • Herbert Howells as the monarch silhouette
  • The composer and title
  • A graphical representation of some part of the anthem music or text 

All the posters are:

  • A3 (297mm x 420mm or 11.7" x 16.5")
  • matt art
  • high quality 170gsm stock
  • original design

Please note: these items are sold directly through Quires & Places, rather than through our fulfillment partner, Printful. 

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